Monday, February 16, 2015

Create a Vision Board to Help You Lose Weight

Whether you want to call it a "vision board," "dream board," "motivation collage" or some other creative name, what I am referring to is a visual that can help you to achieve your goals.  Have you ever stopped in your tracks on your way to grab a second helping of ice cream because you saw your "Shape" magazine out of the corner of your eye?  Have you pulled out a pair of jeans or a bathing suit and hung it up on your wall as incentive to stick with your goals?  A vision board is like that, only a more "in your face" approach.  It's something that you would want to post where you will see it frequently - perhaps in the kitchen or on your smartphone or even as your computer wallpaper.  

So, what goes on a vision board?  The sky is the limit!  As long as they are things that motivate YOU.  This could include a picture of a thinner you, an inspirational quote or a picture of an outfit you'd love to wear someday.  You could write down all of the reasons you want to lose weight or be healthier or if you have pictures of those motivators, even better.  It could include pictures of healthy foods you enjoy eating.  Be creative!  The only rules are that the board should be inspirational and motivational for you, enough so that it could stop you in your tracks while on your way to consume an extra helping of dessert.  You also need to post it somewhere you will see it very often (maybe even in 2 or 3 places)! 

So, what will go on your vision board?!

Photo Courtesy:  WiseWellWoman