Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Google Recipes? Ingenious!

Well, Google has done it again...They've come up with yet another way to maneuver the internet with ease.  This time, it involves food!  I happened upon this tool mistakenly, when I was searching for an article on apples, as one of my clients mentioned some new recent studies that had been done on their health benefits.  When I typed in the word "apples," I noticed along the left-hand column, that you could tailor your search results to return only recipes.  Being that I get easily distracted (and love new recipes), I clicked.  When I clicked on "recipes", the left-hand column then showed an area where you can check off specific ingredients you want (and don't want), preparation time AND number of calories!  Not to mention, the summaries in the search results include ratings as well.  Superb!

Perhaps this is old news to some of you, but for those that are trying to be healthy (or not) and love to cook, I find this to be a wonderful tool...Instead of searching one of the many recipe databases out there, you can search all at once!  Enjoy!