Thursday, March 8, 2012

Non-Traditional Fitness

Hula Hooping seems to have gained popularity over the past few years...and I’m not talking among kids, (with the light little hoops some of us knew in the 70s and 80s that also seem to be regaining popularity). I’m talking among grown-ups with bigger, heavier hoops!  In fact, I started this fun way to get fit with a couple of girlfriends of mine and have to say, I am enjoying it quite a bit.  Not only is it fun to move to music while hooping, it’s somewhat of an addictive challenge to learn new tricks and moves with the hoop and it’s a lot of fun to get together and practice with others.  Does it really count as exercise?  You bet!  According to Lance’s web site (, it not only works your core and hip muscles but once you’re past the point of just learning, you can burn as many calories as any other moderate exercise (such as speed-walking, for example).  Remember, the most sustainable exercise is one that you consider to be fun!  If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to exercise, think outside the box and do something non-traditional.  See if that sparks your interest!  

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Photo Courtesy:  Geoff Wong