Monday, March 12, 2012

Make the Switch to Glass

I'm going to let you in on a little secret; We health professionals don't always know the answers to questions our clients think we should know the answers to.  For example...Is storing or reheating food in plastic unhealthy for you?  We are already pretty certain that the BPA-containing plastic is unhealthy, hence all of the manufacturer switches to the BPA-free kind.  But now there are even studies to suggest that the BPA-free kind may not be all that healthy.  After all, plastic is made with a chemical process.  The reason I'm unable to give a firm recommendation on this though is because there is scientific evidence to support each side of this argument.  I'm reminded of this controversial topic as my sister recently asked for Pyrex storage containers for her birthday.  Not only did this make birthday shopping easy (thanks, Em), but it gave me food for thought. Why not replace your plastic with glass?

Sure, the verdict on health and safety may still be out, or you may have already taken a stance on this, but if you haven't there are many more reasons to switch to glass besides the possible health risks of plastic.  Glass is more durable (especially the hard-to-break glass like Pyrex). It's better for the environment.  It doesn't get discolored, doesn't smell and comes out of the dishwasher dry and without spots.  Not to mention, it looks classier if you care about that sort of thing.  Plus, you are not taking the chance on plastic where the health-risk is concerned.  With something as easy as making this switch that will benefit you in more ways that one, why not?!  Of course, there still may be a few things you'd use plastic for, perhaps due to the unbreakable aspect, but you can use glass for the majority of your food storage and re-heating purposes.  After all, it certainly can't hurt!

Photo Courtesy:  Rick Pecoraro