Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Registered Dietitian Day!

Today, March 14th has been proclaimed Registered Dietitian Day by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics;  The perfect opportunity to inform others about what an "RD" is.  A Registered Dietitian is a food and nutrition professional who has at least a 4-year college degree and who has gone through an accredited dietetic internship program (usually another year) and then has passed a registration exam to earn the title.  To keep the title, we must continue our education by accumulating/pursuing 75 hours of approved learning activities every 5 years. RDs can obtain work in numerous environments including but not limited to hospitals, nursing homes, health clinics, corporate wellness programs, state health departments, private practice, sports nutrition programs and  food-service management.

Now for my own personal definition:  A registered dietitian strives to help others with their eating habits.  We work with other health professionals to help achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.  We assure that healthy foods are part of the plan and that people have goals.  We keep up to date on current and emerging nutrition information.  We individualize advice based on the health issues one may be dealing with...or the weaknesses and the barriers.  We teach, support and we value health. We are versatile.  We love what we do and practice what we preach. We exercise but we also fall off track, eat Ben & Jerry's and bake cakes without modifying the recipe.  Yes, we overindulge once in a while.  We go through rough spots just like everybody else...We struggle with those last 10 pounds. We are human...but above all, we enjoy helping other humans.   

Visit this link to read more about the educational and professional requirements of a Registered Dietitian.  Give a Registered Dietitian a hug today...or at least post on their Facebook wall.  :)